Vendors at FiddleFest

Thank you for considering a vending spot at FiddleFest. Last year, festival attendees purchased everything from Polish sausage to CD’s, to T-shirts & custom jewelry. In 2006, our festival will be located in one venue. Merchandise vendors (non-food/beverage sales) may locate either in Moody Center, or at the Tinker Beach main stage, or both, should you have the facilities & personnel.

Rental for vendor space for both days (no partial days available) is $200.00, paid with your application. We have 10 by 10 tents available on site, along with 3 by 6 tables and up to 4 chairs. Tent rental is $50, and we set up & tear down. One table & 4 chairs can be rented for an additional $20. Please indicate on your application if you’d like us to provide these items, and include the rental fees with your space rental, when sending the application.

General rules for Vendors

  1. All vendors must be set up at least 1 hour before festival opening each day. All vendor spaces must be manned by your personnel for the entire time that the festival concert area is open, until 11:30 PM each evening. No late set up or early tear down will be allowed, as this may cause disruption to our festival attendees, or interfere with logistics of one of the many shows that will be in progress. No exceptions to this rule!
  2. No sale or display of illicit materials, to include offensive language on printed items, pornography, drugs or drug paraphernalia, or items promoting violence, drugs, or other offensive material. Any vendor displaying such items will have them removed by our vendor coordinator. We reserve the right to remove these items, and any continued display will be grounds for dismissal from the festival.
  3. No firearms or other weapons or ammunition displayed or sold on festival grounds. Any such display or attempt of sale will be confiscated local law enforcement present, and charges may be brought by local authorities.
  4. Glass or other breakable items or containers must be packaged in a way that breakage could not cause injury to you, or festival attendees. Items such as wind chimes or other such items designed to make noise will not be sold at this festival, so as to prevent unwanted noise near concert or performance areas.
  5. Very limited power & water supply for outdoor food vendors is available. A maximum of 3 twenty amp, 120 volt circuits may be used by each vendor in the concert area. 220 volt power is not currently available.
  6. FiddleFest will serve draft beer in the Tinker Beach stage area each evening during the concert. Our ABC permit allows only the festival to sell beer, and no other vendor may sell alcoholic beverages of any kind, no exceptions!
  7. Due to our exclusive agreement with Pepsi, only their products may be sold on festival grounds by our designated vendors. Vendors may not sell outside beverages or water. Only Pepsi products provided by FiddleFest will be sold on festival grounds, and only by our designated vendors, which at this time are the Rotary Club, and Friends of Center in the Square.
  8. Trash receptacles will be provided, and we will dispose of trash each day. You will be instructed as to where to place your trash for pick up. For food vendors, a dump station for waste water and protein wastes that are by-products of food preparation will be on-site. No dumping of food waste or waste water in drainage systems. Regional health inspectors will inspect your facility each day, after you are set up. FiddleFest has no control over these authorities, and they will determine as to whether or not you are in compliance with ordinances. You must comply, or you will not be allowed to open by the health inspector.
  9. Virginia tax ID is required. Make sure you have this number filled in on your application, as local tax inspectors will be on hand to collect sales tax on all items sold. Vendors without a tax ID will not be allowed to set up.
  10. Food vendors must acquire a temporary food permit from our local heath department. You may do so by calling the Environmental Health Department for this region, at 540-857-7663. You must have this permit prior to any set up for food vending of any kind, no exceptions. It is recommended that you secure this permit at least 30 days prior to festival time, to avoid problems with health department officials.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-866-883-9466, if you have any questions prior to sending in your application. We will be happy to help, in any way we can, to assure that you have a great sales experience at FiddleFest, and that our customers are served well.

Vendor’s Application
The Vendor Application is below in PDF format. Print the application and fill it out, then mail or fax as according to the directions at the bottom.