FiddleFest Sponsorship

Children’s Programs Sponsor
As with all our events, FiddleFest is geared to be a family-style festival, bringing both young and old out to enjoy its programs. FiddleFest will this year, begin a specific set of programs/events, designed to reach younger children, with instruction, story-telling, and hands-on demonstration by FiddleFest artists. This set of programs will be designed to both teach, and entertain children, and open up to them a world of experience that may have been previously unavailable to them. This program will include preliminary events in the surrounding schools, and other youth and teen oriented events, designed to involve youth in the learning, appreciation, and preservation of this music.

This $7500.00 sponsorship will provide the necessary monies needed to create innovative approaches to involving youth in music, and the rich cultural heritage that the music enjoys in this region. Premiums include mention at all youth events, and recognition on all printed material used in instruction, signage at all preliminary & festival youth events, a full page ad in the show program, with accreditation as the Children’s Program sponsor, company logo with hypertext link from our website, eight all access festival passes, four backstage/hospitality passes, VIP parking for all festival pass holders, mention in all event-specific advertising, and company banner displayed from the main stage areas.

Fitzpatrick Print Series Sponsor
Once again, local artist Eric Fitzpatrick will produce an original piece, from sketches done during this year’s festival. This will represent the second in the series of prints, and is sure to become a valued and sought-after piece for collectors.

This $9500.00 sponsorship entitles its owner to recognition as “commissioner” of the artwork, and their choice of 10 signed and numbered prints of the work, for display in corporate offices, or galleries. The production will be limited to 500 prints. Additionally, this sponsor will receive a full page ad in the show program, with special reference as the artwork’s sponsor, 10 all-access festival passes, 30 hospitality passes to the unveiling reception with the artist, held prior to this year’s festival (date TBA), company banner or signage displayed at the festival and reception, company logo with hypertext link from our website, logo displayed on printed material, accreditation on the reverse of each print, as sponsor/commissioner, and of course, the VIP parking passes to the festival.

Masters Series Recordings Sponsor
Beginning with last year, FiddleFest will again record our Masters competition, for production in compact disc form, as both a promotional tool, and, more importantly, an archive of the contest. Again, our focus here is the historical preservation of the music and its players, so what better way to do so, than direct digital recording of their live performances.

The Masters Series sponsorship, available for only $12,000.00, has special perks available to your company. In addition to the requisite passes and such, your company may place an audio message on each disc, and you will also be recognized on the printed casing material, as Series Sponsor. State-of-the-art digital recordings will be mastered by Flat 5 Press & Recording, and distributed world wide through Rebel Records, the leading record label in traditional string music, and a Virginia-based company. Their sister company, Record Depot, located here in Roanoke, will serve as fulfillment center, shipping these recordings to retailers, on-line stores, and radio stations all over the world. This sponsor will also receive 20 all-access passes, 10 hospitality/backstage passes, a full page ad in the show program, with special reference to your sponsorship of the Series, company logo with hypertext link from our website, logo on all promotional and printed material, company banners displayed from the main stage areas, and of course, the VIP parking passes.

Presenting/Naming Rights Sponsor
FiddleFest offers this position to only one sponsor, the right to name the event for your company. All advertising will list your company as “________ presents Roanoke FiddleFest”, and would be consistent throughout all media, whether print or broadcast. Your company logo would be incorporated into all print advertising, along with the FiddleFest logo, to demonstrate your company affiliation in all aspects of the event. This $75,000.00 commitment would entitle your company to 100 all-access festival passes, 30 backstage/hospitality passes to meet with our artists, coveted VIP parking, the ability to place your own hospitality/display area at all FiddleFest events, website presence with a hypertext link from our site, mention by all stage mc’s from every stage area, company name & logo on the Market Square banner, company banners displayed at all stage areas, full page ads at the “premium” positions of the show program, including the back page, and prominent display with the FiddleFest logo on the front cover, your company logo appearance on each page of the program (in the page number area, bottom center) recognition at all events, including preliminary events such as competitions, and the World’s Largest Square Dance.

In addition, we will work with you and your promotional/marketing team, to develop programs that would be specifically beneficial to your company, such as ticket giveaways, in-store promotions, feature articles, and press releases. At this level, we will work with you, to develop an advertising program that meets your needs, and works for both of us.

World’s Largest Square Dance Sponsor
This year, one of our most successful events was the square dance, held in the downtown Market Square. The Campbell Avenue and side streets were blocked, and the city’s wonderful stage trailer was used, to create an enormous “dance floor”, right in the middle of Market Square. Over 3000 people attended this event, from 8 PM to 11:30 PM, making it our most well attended event of festival week.

This single-event sponsorship can be purchased for only $18,500.00, and includes 20 event passes, banners/signage displayed from the main stage area and the surrounding backstage area, 10 all access passes to the entire festival, 10 hospitality/backstage passes, mention by the stage mc’s, mention in all event specific advertising, company logo with hypertext link from our site, company name on the downtown banner for the square dance, a full page ad in the festival program, crediting you as the dance sponsor, and VIP parking for festival ticket holders.

Documentary Sponsor
As sponsor of the FiddleFest film documentary, your company receives an added benefit. Our video production team at Mediapros will again produce an all-encompassing look at FiddleFest 2004, interviewing artists, attendees, contestants, and festival organizers, interspersed with interesting candid footage of the overall event, that will be aired on our local PBS affiliate, WBRA television. As with many programs of this type, other public broadcast stations will purchase this programming from satellite uplink, further broadening your companies’ positive exposure as a FiddleFest sponsor. Much of the festival is directed towards educational programs, that teach both young & old about the music, it’s performers, it’s history, and it’s influence on today’s artists. The documentary will further this education, by generating interest in new areas, with a much broader audience than just our local region. The documentary is designed with an eye towards the preserving of the music, and it’s cultural significance to this area, and will serve as an important tool for future generations, who will study this music.

This $25,500.00 sponsorship entitles it’s owner to other perks as well. Your companies input on the final product will be sought, as will it’s approval, prior to distribution. The sponsor will also receive 20 all access passes, 10 backstage/hospitality passes, the right to place their own hospitality or display area on festival grounds, banners displayed from the main stage areas, a full page ad in the show program, with special significance placed on the company as Documentary Sponsor, company logo with hypertext link from our website, the placement of underwriting credits/sponsorship tags at the beginning of every videotape or DVD, the placement of company commercials in not-for-broadcast versions of all DVD or videotapes, credits as sponsor/underwriter on casing materials for DVD or videotapes, company logo on other promotional items (tees, hats, etc.), company name/logo on all other printed material, and of course, the coveted VIP parking passes.

Masters Of Traditional String Music Sponsorship
One of FiddleFest’s most exciting events is The Roanoke Invitational, Masters of Traditional String Music Competition. This years’ event drew individual contestants from 17 different states, 11 of which were former or current national champions in fiddle or banjo, to the Hollins campus, for three days of the most competitive string music contests ever held. History was made during that competition, as no other contest before had ever laid claim to so many national title holders competing on one stage, for the unheard of purse of nearly $60,000.00 in prize winnings.

The 2004 competition field has been expanded. As with all successful festivals, we’ve listened to our customers, and they’ve all loudly stated that the Masters contest should include bluegrass & old-time band competitions. FiddleFest has responded, and this year’s festival will encompass the most intense, competitive field of contestants in both categories. Preliminary contests, as qualifiers, will begin in January, and run through July, to qualify bands in both categories, for finals competition during festival week. And of course, we will also continue our premier contest for banjo & fiddle, with first round, and finals competitions during the festival.

This $38,500.00 sponsorship has some unique benefits. In addition to the regular premiums of passes and such, the sponsor will have the opportunity to name the award for their company, or for an individual within their company, as a special honor. The Reno award for banjo, the Magness award for fiddle, and both band awards, will carry the selection that you choose, whether it is company name, or individual. In addition, as contest sponsor, you will also be credited on the compact disc that is produced from the recordings of the contest, as the contest sponsor. This sponsorship also offers 50 all-access passes, 20 backstage/hospitality passes, company logo with hypertext link from our site, company name on all promotional material, company name on festival merchandise, dual page, facing page ads as competition sponsor in the show program, and VIP parking passes.